Instructions for Learning Stories through StudyMaps

Connected to each chapter number you'll see a faint red line.
As you follow that line, it will lead you through the verses that included in each story.
You'll notice that the verses are in small groups. The position of each verse and group verses is significant to the story.
As you read or listen to this story, notice the position of the verses in relation to the action and/or statements in the story.
You will begin to notice that the verse and/or grouping of verses are positioned around the picture in ways that will help you understand the flow of the story.

Read or listen to one section of the story at a time.
For each group of verses, read and/or listen, then pause and repeat what you can remember.
Continue to do this, one group at a time, until you have worked your way through the entire story.
Then review the entire story, from beginning to end, in one setting.
Do this as many times as is needed in order to learn the story.

You may find that you need to review certain portions, in order to firmly cement them in your memory.
You can even begin to play games, in order to see how well you know the story.
For example, you can quiz yourself on any particular verse in the story, just by it's number.
This works even better if you were working with at least one other person.
You will find that you will begin to learn each verse by it's number.
You also find that you can go forward or backwards or in any order and easily remember the content of that verse.
To continue to test yourself, look away from the StudyMap, either turn it over or put it where you cannot see it, then quiz yourself without looking at the StudyMap. Again, this is even more effective when you do it with at least one other person.
And it's fun!
We would encourage that, at least once a day, after learning the story that you review the StudyMap to embed each story in your memory.

Finally, because this is a test, to try this online and see how it works as a learning tool, please email us at and with your questions, comments, complaints, excitement, encouragement, criticisms, etc.!
I will say that, for me, (Ray) to learn this in the beginning, was frustrating and awkward.
However, as I continued to pursue it I realize that this really has helped me to know the stories well, even to the verse level.
The next thing we will talk about is how to smoothly transition from learning in this model to telling the story well.
We will save that for later…